Monday, February 1, 2010

Art Institutes Poster Contest Deets and Logos

This poster should show off the best of what you can bring to the table right now.
Try to create it with a combination of vector and raster data.

Poster Criteria:
1. Poster < 11 x 17 + @300dpi
Incorporates the “Life is Better With Art in it” theme
Includes the Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts logos.

2. In good taste—mass marketable

3. Original Artwork not Copied from ANY other sources. NOT Copyrighted.

4. Met Deadline of February 4.

5. Clarity
The student’s intention is obvious from the work in a convincing way.

6. Composition
The work suggests that the student has acquired an understanding of the elements of art & principles of design and can use them to create a work that is an integrated whole.

7. Craftsmanship
The works show a mastery of materials and techniques and are consistently of high technical quality.