Friday, February 29, 2008

Jack + Jill Problem

  • Use any combination of the following dingbat fonts (Webdings, Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3, Marlett or MS Outlook) to illustrate the nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill” in a six-panel layout.
  • Panels should be 4x4 inches.

Panels are as follows:

  1. Jack and Jill 2. Went Up the Hill 3. To Fetch a Pail of Water
  1. Jack Fell Down 5. And Broke His Crown 6. And Jill Came Tumbling After.
You can access sample designs and a MS Word document of the allowed fonts under Jack_N_Jill in the Shared Art Technology Folder. (Student on Step Novell (G://)>Shared>Art Technology>Jack_N_Jill)

To begin the assignment, you must submit THREE start ("Jack & Jill") panels for approval.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Independent Study Project Contract Process:
(Word Documents of PROJECT PROPOSAL FORM and PROJECT CONTRACT FORM available at: Student on STEP Novell (G://)>Shared>Art Technology>Independent Study)

1. Pitch project to me to receive approval.

2. Turn in PROJECT PROPOSAL: (At least one paragraph describing: What the project is, why you want to do it, how you will use the materials/equipment you need, any other pertinent information, and another paragraph that answers: How does this project challenge your skill level and help you grow as a designer?

3. Establish your criteria.
4. Establish DUE DATE.
5. Establish CHECKPOINT dates & what will be done at that time.
6. Sign and submit PROJECT CONTRACT.
I will sign and keep the master copy, then give you a photocopy for your records.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Super Duper Neato Contest w/Big Cash Money Prize!

Check out
Design the 2008 Halloween button for the City of Anoka.
Win $100 and change the world!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Independent Study
Monday 2/25

Ms. Vazquez will be here at 1:00 to view your CBMF progress.
Here's how to prepare for her visit:

1. Mount ALL Camp Building My Future systems you have developed.
This includes: Icons, Certificate, T-shirt Mock-Up, and Slogan.
If you do not have a complete system, but have made progress towards one, somehow group what you do have in a professional manner.

2. CBMF Client Write-Up
(Mount to the back of your presentation board, or artistically on the front.) :
  • How does your design represent the 4 CBMF categories? (Welding, Auto, Electrical Engineering, Drafting/Design?)
  • Why will it appeal to the target market of 7-8 grade students, particularly girls?
  • What makes your design exciting and easy to reproduce?
Other Irons in the Fire:
1. You will also pitch your Independent or Client Based project proposal to me today. It was your homework this weekend, so I know you are all prepared...

2. Mrs. Karbowski will be coming to speak with us about developing a mascot for STEP tomorrow. Work on your independent project and think of concepts for this commission as well.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turn This In!

1. Homework Drawings
2. Type/Sound Brainstorms & Sketches
3. Chapters 1-3 worksheets
4. Patty & Sally Composition
5. Any other missing tutorials, etc.

6. Inspiration File ASAP if not in. Marked down 1/2 letter grade every day it is late. Must fix your file if scored under 28. Remains a zero in the gradebook until you do so.

7. Turn in your Independent 5x5 Designs Planning Packet when I approve your ideas.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Independent Study: 2/19/08


1. Finish any missing tutorials or other assignments.
2. Continue with Camp Building My Future project.
(4 Icons, 1 Certificate, and a slogan)
Ms. Vazquez may be stopping by. BE PREPARED!
Want at least 3 comps developed in computer.
+/^ with neighbors for ideas on refining your concepts. (Write it down too!)

3. Teach yourself something!

4. Try and profit from your mad skills!

5. Start thinking of projects you can complete independently, via having generated your own client. Who is it for? What are you going to do? Be ready to fill out a project contract by Friday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Patty & Sally Art Creation Sensation!

Use the tools & techniques you learned in the "Patty & Sally" tutorial to create an art piece.
Refer back to the tutorial packet for refreshers on each item listed.

Your work must include the following techniques:
1. Use of at least three different Pencil and Brush settings for drawing.
Play with the Brushes palette (Window>Brushes) and explore all the variations.

2. Create at least one custom brush in addition to the three used in Step 1. (P142 in packet.)

3. Incorporate at least three shapes from the Shapes palette in your design.

4. Make at least one custom shape in addition to the three shapes in Step 3. (Draw a shape with the Pen Tool set to Fill mode, so the shape is filling with a color as you draw. When finished, go to Edit>Define Custom Shape. Name the shape and it will be at the bottom of your Custom Shape menu, the Amoeba shaped icon in your Shapes palette.

5. For other ideas on how to zest up your design, refer to the last 2 pages in the Patty/Sally packet.

6. Print and turn in.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Independent Study Projects

1. Spirit Week Posters:
We need posters to advertise the upcoming Career and Technical Education Week at STEP.
Prizes Given Daily for "BEST" outfit in each category.

Monday 2/11: College Day—wear clothes from your favorite college

Tuesday 2/12: Pajama/Crazy Clothes Day—wear your favorite PJ’s, bathrobe or crazy clothes. Also 25 Cent Cookie Special at School Store. Preview of goodies available at STEP Bakery on 2/14.

Wednesday 2/13: Home High School Day—wear clothes from your favorite high school

Thursday 2/14: Dress Up Day—wear nice clothes. STEP Bakery open!

Friday 2/15: Career Day—wear clothes of your career choice. ATC EXPO in College Auditorium

Prizes Given Daily for "BEST" outfit in each category.

Our next assignment will be to develop a system of four icons and a certificate of completion for Camp Build My Future. Our TARGET AUDIENCE is 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. The icons should represent the four subjects taught at CBMF:
Welding, Automotive, Electronic Engineering and Drafting/Design
Theresa Vazquez is our contact at ATC for this. She will stop by next week.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday 2/6/08

AM Class (Art Technology): Students should finish their Name Design & Personality Collage and writing assignment if it is not done. #1 priority. Finish your Master & Tyrone tutorials if not done. Move on to the next assignment (Life & Death Problem) Begin working on the thumbnails for that.The sub can show you a book (Visual Literacy) with sample designs if ideas are needed. Show thumbnails to the sub and explain how your final choice illustrates the concept effectively. They can draw (drawing supplies located throughout the “center island” type thing in my room) or use Photoshop to make thumbnails. Do not start the final design. Once they have finished, students can go on to independently learn a Photoshop technique. Write a paragraph summarizing the tutorial you have completed, citing the website location and tutorial title.

If students were absent yesterday, extra copies of the Life/Death handout are on the table with the projector. It is the papers bound with a brad. They need a yellow copy and the white copy.
You should also read Chapter 1 of Design for the Digital artist (Black Binders on wall, worksheet should be on projector table w/Life & Death handout)

PM Class (Independent Study in Art): Students should continue to work on their Art Institutes International poster contest. Remind them the deadline is tomorrow, and to get a copy of their high school transcript if they are submitting their design. I don’t foresee anyone finishing today, but if they do, they can also do the thing. I am out of copies of contest criteria, but they can get those from