Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday January 25

1. Print what you can on your own.
2. Any large scale printing MUST be saved as a PDF and put in the stepstudrop > Art Technology > Convergent Media > Large format printing folder.
3. After submitting the large format file, put your name on the list the sub has so I can print the file after school.
4. The sub has all large format print requests that were printed on Friday.
5. Make sure to do the write up for your product--the questions are in the blog post from Thursday January 21.
6. Submit PRODUCT(s) WRITE UP and RUBRIC all together. Sub has extra copies of the rubric if needed.
7. Make sure to turn in a BILLABLE HOURS SHEET for the previous week if you have not done so. The sub has additional copies.

1. Print hard copy of your layouts.
2. Do write up--located on the blog post from Thursday January 21.
3. Submit printed layouts write up and rubric together.
4. Submit your InDesign files and any new links to the stepstudrop > Art Technology > Yearbook Photos > Assigned Layouts folder.

Finishing any other missing work:
1. The sub has the write up for the Logo/Identity System project if you need it.