Thursday, June 2, 2011

1. Layout, Print, Mat Lenticular Image
A. Set up a Photoshop document that is 14 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall @ 150 dpi.
B. Place vertical guides at 1/2 inch intervals all across the document. Place horizontal guides at 1 inch and 7.5 inches.
C. Take your images and go to Layer > Flatten image. Then File > Save as, pick JPEG. Then place vertical guides at 1/2 inch intervals all across your images.
D. Use the guides to help you make clean selections of your images to splice together inside the 14 x 8.5 document. Make sure View > Snap To > Guides is checked. See for the splicing method.
E. Select all your layers by holding the SHIFT key as you click on them. Go to Layer > Align > Top Edges.
E. Save your Photoshop Document.
F. Flatten your Photoshop document. Save it as a Photoshop PDF.
G. Print and attend a matting demo.

2. Do Lenticular Image writing assignment:
Write a paragraph that answers the following questions:
A. How does your project CONCEPT represent the principle of CONTRAST?
B. Discuss how you used EMPHASIS and CONTRAST in your COMPOSITIONS.
C. Discuss your use of at least three of the Painting, Selection, Brush, Pattern, Color or Layer effect tools in Photoshop in your compositions.
(Refer to your Photoshop lecture documents for a list.)
D. What makes your design different from others?
E. What would you do differently next time?
F. Attach writing assignment to matted lenticulars and turn in.