Friday, May 30, 2008

Name Design/Personality Collage, Revisited:

Name Design--Create a groovy design that showcases your first and last name.

Personality Collage--Create a collage using Photoshop that showcases your interests.

When Finished: Compare and Contrast your new designs with those you created at the beginning of the semester. Discuss why the new are better, using at least three Design Components. Also discuss how you included three things you learned this semester.

Design Components Cheat Sheet
Structural (Frame reference, overlapping/cropping/touching of forms, creating an illusion of space, contrast in size/direction/space or position, and/or +/- space relationships)
E’s (line, shape, form, color, texture, value, space) and
P’s (balance, contrast, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, unity/variety)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday 5/19

1. Do Test Corrections and turn your test booklet and answer sheet back in. Corrections must list the number of the test question and be written in a complete sentence format. If it is not done this way, you will not receive the half-point credit back.

2. Everyone must complete and submit the Self Promotional Project Planning Sheet today.
Refer to the ideas listed on the board if you are having trouble thinking of something. Again, check out 8 Tips and Tricks from the Self Promo Pros and Photojojo for ideas.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Study Guide: Design and Layout Unit Test

  • Review all Mini Quizzes and activities from Chapters 1-9. (Chapters 10 & 11 are on the final.)
  • Be able to identify and discuss the 5 Types of Repetition from Chapter 6. (REFER TO THE HANDOUT I GAVE YOU THE OTHER DAY!! p.126-127)
  • Know the techniques to enhance Verbal Flow from Chapter 7. (Refer to the handout/also listed on pages 151-152 if you misplaced your handout)
  • Be able to identify and discuss the basic and advanced types of text alignment from Chapter 5. (Refer to Pages 101-102)
  • Review the Layout Notes for Creating Thumbnails handout. (On the backside of the Identity System Unit Overview sheet AND the Business Card Thumbnails sheet.
Test Format:
  • 26 True-False Questions
  • 16 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 8 Fill In The Blank Questions
  • One (1) Essay Question worth 10 Points: Naming 5 Changes you could make to improve a layout & discussing how the changes would improve it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Self-Promo Project

Follow this link: 8 Tips and Tricks from the Self-Promo Pros
Cool tips on how to get started, what to think about and some crazy fun sidebars, like a website that allows you to generate a free font, and a link to downloading a pattern for a paper purse!
Identity System Layout:

Business Cards:
1. Create a Portrait oriented Letter sized document in Illustrator.
2. Create guides at the following locations:
Vertical Guides-- 0.5, 4, 4.5, 8
Horizontal Guides--0.5, 2.5, 3.0 5.0, 5.5, 7.5, 8.0, 10.
3. Create a black (or any other color) rectangle measuring 8.5 x 11 inches on the same layer.
4. Label this layer "Guides".
5. Create a second layer called "Cards"
6. Paste one of your business cards into this layer. Duplicate and move this using the Move Command (Object>Transform>Move). Remember: positive numbers move objects up or to the right, negative numbers move objects down or to the left.
7. Get a sheet of card stock from me and print!

1. Open the document "EnvelopeNo10.eps" in the ID SYSTEM folder in the Shared Art Technology folder. Student on STEP Novell (G://)>Shared>Art Technology>ID SYSTEM>EnvelopeNo10.eps
2. Place your artwork in the guides and Go!
3. Print on Letter sized paper. (Select Letter in Media menu of Print options.) Add Trim Marks from the Marks and Bleed menu in the Print options panel for easy cutting!

1. Place your design within 1/4 inch guides to ensure it all prints.
If you were gone yesterday...
Read chapters 6 + 7. Get the handout materials from me before you start.
Turn in your comps assignment. (Read Friday May 9 entry if you are not sure what this is.

If you are here today...
1. Read Chapter 8. Do the Mini Quiz.
2. When we finish reviewing the answers, staple your Chapters 1-10 materials together and turn in. I will check off participation points for having this complete. I will return them to you before the end of class so you can start studying for the test. (THE TEST IS ON FRIDAY!!)
3. Turn in your Comps assignment. Review the criteria from Friday to make sure you get full credit.
4. I will demo how to do lay-out for your business card, envelope and letterhead.

Friday, May 9, 2008

4 Awesomely Rendered Comps

The thing that will make or break your identity system is the TYPOGRAPHY choices you make.
As you develop your comps, you are required to include each of the following type categories at least once:

Serif, Sans Serif, Decorative, Script, Combination Treatment (A word that is part Deco/script and part serif/sans serif), Bold, Italic

You must also include a contrast of type SIZE, WEIGHT and COLOR in each comp.
Refer to pages 242 and 247-248 for type usage guidelines.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Business Card: Thumbs to Comps

Take your 16 drawn thumbnails and reduce them to four awesomely rendered comps in the computer. Try to mix and match what you like best about your 16 designs and make it the best they can be! Remember what we have learned about:
*Visual Hierarchy

Use your chapter mini-quizzes and/or refer to the books as you work.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Business Card Information

16 layouts.
All should include the following:
1. First and Last Name
2. A Title (Student, Designer, Master of the Universe, etc.)
3. Phone Number
4. Home Address
5. PROFESSIONAL EMAIL ADDRESS. Establish a new email like if you have something crazy like going right now.
Email to verify the email used in this project.
6. Accurate shape of graphic image. (Aren't you glad you have two to work with?)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Independent Study

1. Re-do the icon Mrs. Karbowski chose in any combination of Red, Green, Blue and Orange.
Try to incorporate 3 of the 4 colors in your design.

2. Change the typeface on your STEP design to TW CEN MT.

3. Print your Mastocytosis Tote/Logo comp and mount it on one board with the other designs from your team.

4. Begin developing a 100, 50 and Partner Project Proposal/Contract.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mastocytosis Project


Work in the assigned teams to combine your assigned ideas into one solid concept.
Complete the Roughs-To-Comps planning sheet as a team.
Develop 5 suggestions for what would make the design better.

Each person will then execute the absolute best comp they can based on what you decided as a team.

Look at the MASTO_LOGO_REFERENCE and MASTO_TOTE_REFERENCE files in the Shared Art Technology Folder. A copy of the clip art file is also in there. Ask yourself: