Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween/Autumn Seasonal Fun: Pen tool practice + Skill review.

Time to have some fun with your art, explore something new and review some old tricks.

1. Open Pumpkinz.tif from the Art Technology folder on StepStuShare.
2. Reduce the resolution to 150 dpi right away--this file is 30 MB!
3. Trace the pumpkins with the pen tool--saving each on a separate path.
4. Change the appearance of the pumpkins via converting the paths to selections, creating fill layers and using blend modes/layer styles.
5. Add to the project by inserting relevant themed dingbats--or create a custom brush, or make selections and create fill layers, use auto shapes, etc.
6. Make it spooky using adjustment layers!
7. Experiment with custom patterns.
8. Print a copy for yourself and one for me--hand in to the basket. Attach a paragraph that explains how/which steps you executed from the list above. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


1. FINISH YOUR JACK + JILL ASSIGNMENT. (print, mount and do your write-up)

2. Make a Photo Cube or a Lenticular Image if you have spare time.

3. If you've made a Photo Cube AND a Lenticular Image--teach yourself something about Photoshop on You may also see me for an additional assignment if necessary.

4. Make sure you do the extra assignments. This is how you get class participation points AND is a great way to get extra credit if you have all your work turned in.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday, October 28

1. Finish & Mount Jack + Jill
2. Do writing
3. Locate Rubric, attach to materials.
4. Be ready to critique the Jack + Jill project tomorrow. You will turn your J/J in tomorrow.
5. Make sure you have completed all Chapter 4 lessons and have the 4 JPEGS on the board turned in to the studrop folder in the stepstushare server. (Purple Rooster, Gradient Rooster, Aqua Firetruck and Target/Source Color Firetruck.)

If you have extra time: do one of the following projects:
Photo Cube 6 Theme Based Images = 1 Rockin objet d'art!
Your Choice: Six of Your Own Altered Photos
Your Favorite Song in Six School Appropriate Panels

Lenticular Image 2...2...2 Pictures in One!
Show the same object in two different states (My cat as a Muppet and as a Lion)
Show a pair of objects (Hall & Oates)
Show a set of opposites (Day & Night, Good & Evil, Man & Woman, etc.)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jack + Jill File Prep and Print

To Prepare Your Files:
1. Open Letter Sized Document.
2. Set to 150dpi/ CMYK/Landscape
3. Place X Coordinate Guides at: 0.25, 4.25 and 8.25 inches.
4. Place Y Coordinate Guides at: 0.25, 4.25, 6.75, 10.75 inches
5. Insert three of your designs in the squares. (File>Place>JJ1.tif)
6. Add an additional picture or dingbat image of your own in the extra space, if desired.
7. Merge your placed designs into one layer.
8. Poke layer in eye and repeat steps 1-7 for remaining designs.

To Print Your Files:
Activate the layer you wish to print. The layer you don't want to print gets poked in the eye.
2. Go to File>Page Setup. Change it from “Letter” to Legal. Make sure it is Landscape.
3. Go to File>Print with Preview. Click on “More Options” if necessary.
4. Set the Drop-Down menu to “Output” if it says “Color Management”
5. Check “Center Crop Marks” then hit “Done”.
6. Make sure there is legal size paper and the printer and print it out.

Art Technology
Jack + Jill Write-Up

20 Points

Answer the following questions, using complete sentences and paragraph structure.
1. Describe your interpretation of the Jack + Jill theme.
(Is it literal or abstract? What items represent the key elements of the story? Why?)

2. What techniques did you use from Composition Slideshow?
Discuss a minimum of three used in your designs, where they can be seen and why you chose them.

3. Name three techniques/tools you used and where they can be seen (Layer Styles, Adjustment Layers, Gradient/Custom Gradient, and/or Blend Modes. Be specific. (e.g.; I used a Stroke Layer Style, A Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer, The Multiply Blend Mode, etc.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chapter 4--Photoshop CS3 REVEALED

1. Make sure all files are flattened, then saved as JPEGS. (timmy_tina_PS4-1.jpg)
2. Put JPEGS in a folder (timmy_tina_chapter4)
3. Drag folder into the following location:
stepstushare>studrop>STEP>Art Technology>AMFall07/PMFall07>Chapter 4

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friday, 10/10/08

Your priorities are as follows:
1. Finish and Print 5x5 Projects.
2. Mount 5x5 Projects. Make sure to check out xactos from the sub and return them. IMPORTANT: We may run out of railroad board. In the event this happens--skip to Step 4. (Do the writing assignment, then study for the test. You can mount 5x5s Monday.)
3. Make sure you pick up all paper and tape scraps, and put away all rulers, scissors, etc. or you will not be dismissed on time.
4. Once you finish and mount 5x5s, complete the writing assignment. I will only accept responses that are in paragraph format and typed on the computer.
5. If you finish the writing, attach that to your mounted designs, along with the rubric. See the sub's copy of the rubric if you are not sure what to attach. Place whole assignment in the basket next to the LCD projector.
6. Once you turn in the 5x5s, study for the test. (Chapters 1-3 in the black binders, plus the Elements and Principles Slideshow worksheet. See the sub's copy of the study guide if you are not sure what to study).
7. Teach yourself something on
8. Have a great weekend! I am. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Personal Symbol/Abstraction

Your symbol should represent three adjectives that describe you.
It should also include the following design elements:
  • At least three types of LINE (thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, broken, zigzag, tapered, curved, wavy, etc.)
  • At least three types of SHAPE (Geometric, Organic or a Combination)
  • At least three COLORS (Warm, Cool or a Combination. Think about the mood the colors can set.)
  • At least one TEXTURE (overlap line, shape, colors)
  • At least one type of BALANCE (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial)
You must show at least three thumbnails to receive approval for your final design.
Each thumbnail must also include a written explanation of how you used at least one fact from the Elements and Principles Slideshow to help you arrange your composition.

If you need practice with the Elements and Principles, check out this website:

Monday, October 6, 2008

Priorities For Monday, October 6

1. Finish and turn in your Geometric/Organic Shape Compositions.
2. View the Personal Abstraction PowerPoint in the Shared Art Technology folder. Be sure you have the notes written in your notebook.

3. Complete list of 10 adjectives that describe who/what you are.
4. Select three of the adjectives to be the base of your Personal Abstraction/Symbol.
5. Complete the Elements and Principles Slideshow worksheet.
6. Sketch at least three thumbnails for your Personal Abstraction/Symbol. For each sketch, list at least one way you used what you learned from the slideshow to arrange your sketch.
7. Present your thumbnails to me.
8. Work on your Inspiration File 5x5 and your Personal Symbol/Abstraction 5x5.
Info for Geometric/Organic Compositions

1. Staple your compositions together.
2. Write the following on the back of each:
  • Name
  • Geometric or Organic Shapes?
  • Warm or Cool colors?
  • For the Geometric one: What type of Balance is it?
3. Turn in compositions in basket by projector.