Friday, February 25, 2011

1. What quote did you choose, and why?

2. Name all the typefaces (fonts) used in your design, and which category they fall into (serif, sans serif, decorative, script).

3. How do your type choices help convey the attitude/feeling of your quote?

4. Name which type adjustments were incorporated into your design (Leading, Kerning, Tracking, Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale) and where they can be seen,

5. Name which of the following type tools were used in your design (Area Type Tool / Type on a Path Tool / Vertical Type Tool / Adding Gradient to Text / Overlapping Objects / Creating a Drop Shadow via Copy & Paste in Back) and where they can be seen.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Answer the questions in paragraph format, making sure to refer to Design Components when asked. Use at least THREE of the Elements and Principles of Design listed below throughout your responses.

Elements and Principles of Design:
Elements (line, shape, form, color, texture, value, space) and
Principles (balance, contrast, rhythm, movement, pattern, emphasis, unity/variety)

1. What is your subject matter and why did you choose it?
2. How do your designs simplify/change the subject matter from the photo?
3. What is the STRONGEST part of your illustration?
4. What part of your illustration needs the most IMPROVEMENT?
5. What would you do differently next time?

Monday, February 14, 2011

1. Go to to see a list of careers in the Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications career cluster. Select a career within this cluster to research. Make sure to choose an occupation that you are interested in or would like to find out more about.

2. Go to the Minnesota Career Information System website. You will need to login to use the website. See your worksheet for login info.

• Click on “Occupations”
• Click on the letter that starts the career you choose (ex. C for camera operator)

3. Spend time exploring all the information provided about your occupation of choice. In particular, click on the “wages” tab. The table should at least inform you on the Minnesota and United States wages. Identify the median yearly wage for both Minnesota and the United States. Then click on the “Select Different States” button. Copy down the median yearly wage for 10 different states of your choosing along with the United States statistic. You should have 10 states (including MN) and the United States as your data set.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Applied Stats:
1. Finish anything needed for the Probability Films. See Mr. Flavin for film/recording equipment if necessary. Ms. Mulheron (room 30 A) or Mr. Brogaard (room 35) can open the storeroom if needed.
2. Use Photoshop to create DVD packaging for your movie if you are finished. Template available at:
3. Work on things for PLUS or Mrs. Bruck if you finish the DVD cover.
4. Be ready to start next unit on Monday.

E2020 Lab:
1. Students should login and begin working.

1. Continue work on stop motion animations.
2. Store photos in the thawspace on multiple machines so more than one person can edit the movie.
3. Get tripods from Mr. Flavin if needed. Battery for Camera 2 is charging and can be found near where the supply cart was located. The sub can get other cameras out of my desk.

Art Technology:
Note: Make sure to shut down all machines and put up chairs at the end of the day.
1. Continue work on your vector illustration. Be ready to start working in Illustrator on Monday.
2. Turn in any missing work listed on the grade reports given to you yesterday.
3. If done, do an online Photoshop tutorial for extra credit. Google search ‘Photoshop Tutorials’ or look at sites like, etc and find something you want to learn. Complete the tutorial, print a copy of it and turn it in.

Additionally, you must write a brief summary of:
(a) The steps involved,
(b) What you learned,
(c) How you would use the skill in another project.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

QUIZ FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4--Study the following things:
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 Basics of Design worksheets
Copyright Law & You worksheet
Brushes, color, pattern, effects Photoshop lectures
Masking Tools videos
Desaturate & Recolor
Intro to Vectorland

KEY TERMS: All terms can be found in the materials listed above.
Color Gamut
Blend Mode
Layer mask
Adjustment layer
Clipping mask
Brush library
Visual Hierarchy
Layer Style
Visual Weight
Public Domain
Fair Use