Thursday, January 29, 2009

Independent Study -- Upcoming Client Projects

Friday Consultations:
B. ATC Student Senate special event materials

1. STEP yearbook sales campaign.
2. STEP bakery menus.
3. STEP Fashion and Cosmetic careers items.
4. Ms. Lipa business cards
5. TC Derby Tots logo. (kids + roller derby = ADORABLE! C'mon--you know you want to make a logo of a tater tot on roller skates.)
6. STEP Investigating Medical Careers class logo.
7. CPHS tennis tournament: Things with Strings: A Round Robin Classic
8. STEP Student Radio

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chapter 3 Photoshop Tutorials:

You will use a variety of tools in Chapter 3.
They include:
1. Selection(marquees, lassos, magic wand, color range),
2. Sampling (healing/spot healing brush, and layer masks) and
3. Organizational (guides, snap and x/y coordinates)

The tutorials involve assembling a sewing box and retouching a photo.

1. Do not use the Quick Selection tool on page 3-15.
Select the background with the magic wand and invert your selection instead.

2. For the activity on Page 3-26, you can choose to work with the elderly lady on the tutorial page OR follow the same steps and work with this ACNE VICTIM

Be sure to attach a printed copy of your Chapters 2 and 3 lessons to your vocabulary sheets and turn them in to the basket by the end of class today.
Independent Study: Portfolio Decoration.

Your portfolio is boring, yo. Time to zest that up. Here's how:
1. Create a document for your spine piece in the program of your choice, measuring 2.25 x 10 inches @ 150-300 dpi. When done, save it as a PDF.

2. Start a letter sized InDesign document, with 3p0 margins. Switch both rulers to inches right away. Then set guides at the following X coordinates: .5, 2.75, 3.125, 5.375, 5.75, 8.0

3. Create a picture holder box (aka the box thingy with the x in it in your tools) 2.25 x 10 inches--whoa! That's the same size as your spine piece!

4. Select your picture holder. File>Place>your_awesome_spine_art.pdf

5. Duplicate the magic two times by holding the alt key. w00t!

6. Create radtacular front and back pieces in the program of your choice. Letter sized(8.5 x 11), again @ 150-300 dpi if applicable. Zang!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Final Open Book Test Guide

1. Ch 2
2. Ch 5
3. Ch 6
4. Ch 2
5. Ch 7
6. Transparency
7-8. Ch 5
9-10. Ch 3
11-22. Ch 4
23-27. Ch 6
28. Ch 1
29-30. Ch 5
31. Ch 6
32. Ch 3
33. Ch 4
34-36. Transparency
37-42. Ch 5
43. Ch 3
44. Ch 6
45-46. ch 1
47. ch 5
48. ch 2
49. ch 8
50. ch 2

Monday, January 12, 2009

Copyright Friendly Images

Don't just go online and start picking out any old picture for your Self Promotion Project! You just may end up with some copyright or plagarism problems!
To avoid such issues--only search where you know it's all good. Here are some websites full of OK images.

Creative Commons:

Other Copyright Friendly Sites:

Better yet, use your own drawings or photos as an image source!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Typography Test Review

This is what you need to know for the typography test, and where to find it:

World of Letterforms Video:
1. What the letter A originally symbolized
2. Who invented moveable type & what they created with it
3. What did Mantius create and why?
4. What did Bodoni, Garamond, Baskerville & Benquiat create?

In your typography packets:
1. Type measurement conversions: Points>Picas / Points>Inch / Picas>Inch
2. How to measure LEADING
3. How to measure the line length of different text alignments (Examples A-E)
4. How to use the E-Gauge to measure type

In Basics of Design: Layout and Typography for Beginners
1. 4 Things to Know before starting a design: Page 2
2. Graphic Design Principles: P 12-14
3. Graphic Design process: P 14-19
4. Different text alignments: P 101-104
5. Type Anatomy: P 205 (baseline, ascender, serif, counter, descender, x height, crossbar, cap height)
6. Vocabulary: Thumbnail, rough, comp, alignment, format, visual hierarchy, grid, serif, sans serif, decorative, script.

Miscellaneous online info:
1. How LEADING got its name:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Self-Promo Project

Follow this link: 8 Tips and Tricks from the Self-Promo Pros
Cool tips on how to get started, what to think about and some crazy fun sidebars, like a website that allows you to generate a free font, and a link to downloading a pattern for a paper purse!

Monday, January 5, 2009


You will need to study the following materials for the Typography test:
1. World of Letterforms video worksheet
2. Chapter 10 and 11 Design Basics worksheets
3. Measurement Exercises, Graphic Arts Measurements/Conversions and Body Copy measurement packets.