Friday, August 31, 2007

Daily "E"-genda 9/4/07

Welcome to STEP, Your High School In a College Setting!

First Good Thing To Know:
If you are ever absent or tardy, log on to to catch what you missed. "E"gendas will be posted daily.

Today we are doing the following class activities:
  • Intro Questionnaire
  • Introduce Your Neighbor
  • People Hunt
  • Review Syllabus (your list of assignments for the semester), Classroom Rules, STEP Rules and STEP Internet Policy
  • What In The World Is Graphic Design? Website Worksheet
  • Barsch Learning Style Inventory

I'm excited to learn more about all of you as we spend the semester together!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Welcome to Art Technology!

Hi Everybody!

Here you are at Art Technology Headquarters. Descriptions and directions for all assignments we work on will be posted here. Anytime you need to check what is going on in class (for example, when you are absent, forgot what the homework is, etc.) just log on to and you'll have all the info.

Nifty, eh?