Friday, December 18, 2009


1. Comp Peer Review:
You may need to reduce or skip this step to keep on track to meet the deadline. This is worth much less points than the finished logo and identity system--it may be worth taking a point reduction to stay on schedule.
A. Perhaps just show one comp to peers.
B. Or just do a self-review.
C. Or have only one other peer review your comp(s).
D. Or submit a summary of how your idea evolved without the peer review per se.

2. Logo:
It had been originally stated it would be required to do the logo in full color and black and white. Do the full color one first. Apply that to your identity system. Go back and rework the logo to black and white for extra credit.

3. Business Card:
It is only required that you design a single business card. I normally have students complete an 8-up layout for more InDesign experience. The 8-up layout can be done for extra credit--I will demo this on Monday, can give you the directions today if you want to try on your own. Find the directions HERE


The write-up for this assignment can be found at: STEP STU SHARE > Art Technology > Logo_Identity System > Logo_ID_WriteUp.doc

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


When you complete your two COMPS, you will then start the refining process.
Print your comps, then revisit the logoblog and allgrahicdesign websites.

A. Respond to the following questions:
1. Name one way your comps show the traits of an effective logo OR one way the comps strongly meet the assignment criteria on the logo rubric.
2. Name one way your comps can be revised to better follow the principles of an effective logo OR one way the comps do not meet the assignment criteria on the logo rubric. Also provide a suggestion for how to change the comps to fix the issue.

B. Then get 3 peers to review your comps and answer the same questions listed above.

C. What advice from your peers will you follow? Why?

D. What advice from your peers do you disagree with most? Why?

E. Which comp will you continue to refine into your final logo? Why?

Monday, December 14, 2009


Now that you have developed a CONCEPT BOARD to form a solid idea base for your logo, it is time to combine the ideas from that into some possible logos--these possible logos are called COMPS. You will develop a minimum of two COMPS in a single Illustrator document. The comps are due by the end of the period on Wednesday, December 16. You will use feedback from peer editing to refine your comps and develop the final logo.

Each comp must meet the following criteria:
1. Must represent a minimum of three items featured in your concept board: (Title, supporting adjectives, images, fonts or colors.)
2. Must clearly exhibit at least three of the following DESIGN ELEMENTS: Directional line, Geometric shapes, Asymmetrical/symmetrical/radial balance, contrast, emphasis, scale.
3. Must be created in Adobe Illustrator.
4. Must feature at least two of the following Illustrator tools/techniques: Type on a Path, Live Trace/Live Paint, Transform tool (rotate, reflect or shear), Offset Paths or Compound Paths, Pathfinder tool, Clipping Mask, Calligraphic Brush, Art Brush).

Thursday, December 10, 2009


1. Finish and turn in LOGO ANALYSIS assignment. Here are the LINKS you need to do it.
2. Begin working on CONCEPT BOARD.
3. If you finish the concept board, create a flyer for the STEP WINTER FESTIVAL.
4. If you are missing work, and have extra time, go back and finish/turn in missing assignments. Everyone has received a progress report, you should know what you need to do.

Design Challenge:
Create a logo, business card, letterhead and envelope (aka identity system) for one of the following:
• Yourself
• Your own client
• STEP Radio
• Ms. Lipa (STEP Career Center)

Step 1/The Concept Board:
• Begin by creating a concept board to guide your creative vision. A concept board is a collection of elements that provides the overall impression of the look/feel of your final logo and identity system. Check out the samples on the bulletin board.
It should contain the following elements:
1. The title of your concept: It may be one word or a phrase placed at the top of your board.
2. A minimum of five (5) adjectives that describe you or the client organization,
3. A minimum of ten (10) images that visually represent the adjectives you selected.
4. A minimum of three (3) fonts that complement/support your concept.
* 3 fonts = 1 serif, 1 sans serif and 1 decorative or script font.
* Include the fonts by typing your adjectives with them.
5. A minimum of three (3) colors other than white that reflect your concept.

• Concept board can be assembled using the following methods:
1. Print out images from the Internet and cut images out of the stock catalogs, and collage them together with your title, colors and words on the board provided.
2. Organize your images, title, colors and words in a legal size (8.5 x 14) Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign document.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Directions: Compile all responses for this assignment in a Microsoft or Adobe document. All necessary links are in the post below this one. Print and turn in to basket by end of day.

1. List the 5 elements of an effective logo listed at and the 8 elements of an effective logo listed at (Hint: just copy and paste from the Web into your document.)

2. Check out the SAMPLE LOGOS at and Select a sample logo from each site. List two ways each logo does/does not meet the criteria of an effective logo.

3. Read the advice on designing logos from designers Mark Misenheimer, Angela Ferraro-Fanning and Jose Soto. (a)Name one thing their tips have in common. (b)Name one way they differ. (c)Which designer's process seems most like how you would work? Why?

Monday, December 7, 2009


1. Finish yearbook layouts.
2. Make link pack.
3. Put layouts and link packs into the studrop folder.
4. Do Trademarks worksheet.
5. Do Measurement Exercises packet.
6. Submit Trademarks worksheet and Measurement Exercises packet when complete.
1. Finish/submit Round 2 edits.
2. PLACE high resolution pictures and captions into master templates.
3. Change caption box and border color according to academic cluster.
4. Make link pack and submit to drop box.

Friday, December 4, 2009

1. Review pictures and captions.
2. Correct and crop as directed.
3. Submit edits for review.
4. Finish chapter 3 InDesign assignment.
5. Catch up on other items as needed if time permits.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Continuing on with yearbook stuff

1. Finish organizing the keeper photos for each course your group is covering.
2. Record the Shared photo folder and number on the photo log (ie stepstushare > Yearbook Photos > AM Session > Art Technology > DSC90210.JPG)
2. Save copies of the keeper photos in your server folder or flash drive. Your group can name and divide the copies however you see fit.
3. Begin writing captions, using the information from the photo logs as a base. Look through the previous yearbooks to see example captions. They should be informative and concise. Here are some links to caption writing tips:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1. Get all photos from your team dumped into the proper server folder.
2. Print black and white proofs of them, attach to the photo logs your group prepared yesterday.
3. Verify information for captions.
4. Continue working on Chapter 3 InDesign assignment.

Once you dump the photos your group took onto the computer, locate the folder with the course title on it in the STEP studrop folder. Dump the pix into there.

Stepstudrop > Yearbook Photos > AM SESSION > Relevant course.