Monday, March 31, 2008

Work priorities 03/31:
Today is the last in-class day to work on your +/- designs. We will critique them in class on Thursday. If you do not finish today, you must arrange time to come in before or after class Tuesday and Wednesday.

1. Finish and Mount your Positive/Negative designs.
While there is no set formula this time, you should mount them in such a manner that the board grain is vertical, there is a 2-inch border around the outside of your designs, and a 1/2 inch gap between designs. If you deviate from this, grain should still be correct and spacing should be straight and evenly distributed.

2. Do your writing for the +/- problem.
Use complete setences, paragraph format, and SPELL/GRAMMAR check.
Include the required Design Components.

3. Make a magnet and/or experiment with Desaturate & Recolor.

4. Help others having trouble finishing the project.

5. Explore the Hott Linkkz and learn about an artist or teach yourself something new.

6. Make the April calendar for us. Select the photo theme, etc.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Finishing Your +/- Designs:

1. Fill your paths with black and white on the original.
2. Do your pixel math: End pixel dimensions must be equal to or less than the original, even though you are most likely DOUBLING the resolution.
3. Flatten your image. SAVE AS yourdoc_flat.psd
4. Crop the image two times. Each image must be at least four inches on the height or width.
5. Select one to invert.
6. Select one to color.
7. Print your designs. Drag all of them into either a LETTER or LEGAL sized document that has 1/2 inch guides set up all around. Place strokes around the outside before dragging for easier cutting.

8. Mount your designs.
9. Experiment with desaturating and re-coloring or making magnets if you have extra time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pen Tool Pointers/Positive-Negative Space Problem

1. Use the Pen Practice exercise to hone your skills.
(Student on STEP Novell (G://)>Shared>Art Technology>Photoshop Lessons>Chap 07 Lessons>Pen Practice) You need my approval on this before moving on to the +/- problem.

2. Keep the number of anchor points in your path to a minimum.
The more anchor points, the choppier your finished result.

3. Hold down the SHIFT key to create straight lines between anchors.
Hold down your left mouse button to create curved lines between anchors.
Hold down the ALT key to engage the Convert Anchor Point tool. This lets you 'push in' the handles of your anchor and therefore control your line angles. You can also switch to the Direct Selection tool to do the same thing.

4. Be sure to SAVE AND NAME individual paths in the Paths palette.
Otherwise they are lost and you can't access them later.

Positive/Negative Space Problem
Use Free Association/Mind Mapping/Stream of Consciousness writing to generate ideas for your project. I don't care which, but just need to see some evidence of brainstorming before you can begin your project.
  1. Choose any industrial object (something that is non-living and does not represent a living item.)
  2. Re-create the object as flat, positive and negative shapes.
  3. Crop the design you made, but retain its readability.
  4. Drastically crop the design, to the point where the composition is only abstract shapes.
  5. You now have a total of three designs. Select one and invert it.
  6. Take that same design you inverted and re-work it in color.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with a new industrial object.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Independent Study Critique

Follow this link to learn more about the Elements and Principles:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Art Technology
Jack + Jill Write-Up

20 Points

Answer the following questions, using complete sentences and paragraph structure.
1. Describe your interpretation of the Jack + Jill theme.
(Is it literal or abstract? What items represent the key elements of the story? Why?)

2. What techniques did you use from Composition Slideshow?
Discuss a minimum of three used in your designs, where they can be seen and why you chose them.

3. Name three techniques/tools you used and where they can be seen (Layer Styles, Adjustment Layers, Gradient/Custom Gradient, and/or Blend Modes. Be specific. (e.g.; I used a Stroke Layer Style, A Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer, The Multiply Blend Mode, etc.)

Jack + Jill File Prep and Print

To Prepare Your Files:
1. Open Letter Sized Document.
2. Set to 150dpi/ CMYK/Landscape
3. Drag Vertical Guides to 0.25 and 10.75 inches.
4. Drag Horizontal guides to 0.25, 4.25, 6.75, 10.75 inches
5. Insert three of your designs in the squares.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for your other three designs.

To Print Your Files…
7. Go to File>Page Setup. Change it from “Letter” to Legal. Make sure it is Landscape.
8. Go to File>Print with Preview. Click on “More Options” if necessary.
9. Set the Drop-Down menu to “Output” if it says “Color Management”
10. Check “Registration Marks”, “Corner Crop Marks” and “Center Crop Marks” then hit “Done”.
11. Make sure there is legal size paper and the printer and print it out.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jack & Jill Stuff

1. Incorporate at least three of the following techniques into your designs:
  • Layer Styles (the "F" thingy in your Layer Palette)
  • Adjustment Layers (the Yin Yang in your Layer Palette)
  • Gradient/Custom Gradient
  • Blend modes (In the drop down menu in your Layer Palette. Default is "Normal")
2. Do your Peer Review assignment. Attach a contact sheet/sketches of unfinished designs to your worksheet. (Open all design files, go to Window>Arrange>Tile Horizontally....OR save all files in alphabetical order. Go to File>Automate>Contact Sheet II. Select Open Files as source if you tiled, or Browse for your folder if you alphabetized your files & BLAMMO! You have a Contact Sheet)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AM/Art Technology:

Continue work on your Jack + Jill project. I think you should be able to have all six panels finished by the end of today. That is the goal. The sub will record the number you finish today. Give them a reason why you don't have all six ready if you don't meet the goal. Remember to incorporate at least three techniques from the Composition Slideshow. Refer to your notes.

If you stay on track today we will be ready to explore layer styles and color tomorrow and Friday. +/^ with a friend if you have time or get stuck.

PM/Independent Study:

Begin working on new projects, even if you do not have my approval.

Remember the first step to any project is a Proposal and Contract.

If there are students with checkpoints marked on the calendar for yesterday or today, the sub should step through the checkpoint with them. A few students have due dates today. Mount and turn your projects + rubrics in today.

If anyone needs the images for the Paul Foster project, they are in that huge medical tote behind my desk. Sam was scanning these in last I knew. Feel free to visit Mrs Foster if you need guidance.