Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday January 25

1. Print what you can on your own.
2. Any large scale printing MUST be saved as a PDF and put in the stepstudrop > Art Technology > Convergent Media > Large format printing folder.
3. After submitting the large format file, put your name on the list the sub has so I can print the file after school.
4. The sub has all large format print requests that were printed on Friday.
5. Make sure to do the write up for your product--the questions are in the blog post from Thursday January 21.
6. Submit PRODUCT(s) WRITE UP and RUBRIC all together. Sub has extra copies of the rubric if needed.
7. Make sure to turn in a BILLABLE HOURS SHEET for the previous week if you have not done so. The sub has additional copies.

1. Print hard copy of your layouts.
2. Do write up--located on the blog post from Thursday January 21.
3. Submit printed layouts write up and rubric together.
4. Submit your InDesign files and any new links to the stepstudrop > Art Technology > Yearbook Photos > Assigned Layouts folder.

Finishing any other missing work:
1. The sub has the write up for the Logo/Identity System project if you need it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mathtacular Write Up:
1. How does the product explain the math concept and guide the user through how to solve problems with the concept?
2. Describe your use of InDesign to create the page layout grid.
3. State where the raster data prepared in Photoshop can be seen in your layout(s), including where CLIPPING PATHS or ALPHA CHANNELS have been used.
4. State where the vector data prepared in Illustrator can be seen in your layout(s).

*Any large format printing must be submitted in PDF format to Stepstudrop>Art Technology>Convergent Media>Large Format Printing--PDF ONLY folder. Then you must tell me you submitted something for printing.

Yearbook Write Up:
1. Name one way your layouts are similar to the others in the yearbook group.
2. Name one way your layouts differ from the others in the yearbook group.
3. State where the raster data prepared in Photoshop can be seen in your layouts, including where CLIPPING PATHS or ALPHA CHANNELS have been used.
4. State where the vector data prepared in Illustrator can be seen in your layouts.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yearbook Assignments

A. Comic Book Theme Resources:
Comic effect tutorials: This Link Or This Link Or This Link Or just google 'comic book effect' and find one you like.

Quad Squad website:

1. Create at least one poster to advertise yearbook sales.
*On sale Jan 19-27, during career classes and lunchtime (9:00-9:30, 11:00-11:30, 1:00-1:30)
*Print a hard copy for grading and submit a PDF of your file to the "YEARBOOK POSTERS" folder on Stepstudrop.

2. Design an intro page for a section of the book, and re-vamp the master layouts to jive with your intro page. Check stepstushare > yearbook photos > assigned layouts for your packet. Click on the classes, and a folder with your name on it will be in one of them.
Convergent Media Billable Hours Logs

The Billable Hours Log should be thought of as a time sheet. You are keeping track of the things you do each day, and how long they take. You will be rotating through a variety of tasks (ie, director, actor, video/still camera operator, slate person, boom mic/sound operator, etc.) and be doing something different in each mini production.

Therefore, the billable hours log can be a helpful tool during editing as well--you may not remember who was doing what, and if there is an issue with some part of the production, you will have a paper trail of who to follow up with to troubleshoot.

It is also serving the important function of helping us determine if each person in the crew did their fair share of the work. Attendance and participation are a huge part of this project.

We will collect one time sheet from each person on FRIDAY, JANUARY 15 and on FRIDAY, JANUARY 22. Make sure that your time for each day and the week total is rounded to the nearest .25 hour--(15 minute time increment) So if you worked 1 hour, 45 minutes on something you would put 1.75 hours in the time log.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Convergent Media Production Planning

1. Complete the following:
* Script
* Storyboard
* Location Summary
* Prop, Costume, Music, Sound Effects lists

2. Show to teacher for review to get camera for test shots--verify that the locations you have selected will work ie lighting, space, etc.

3. Establish filming order of groups.

4. Flavin: Voice overs, music, etc
Wakely: Prop construction