Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ART TECH 1: Work Day

1. Finish the SELECTION SAMPLER and SAMPLE SAMPLER,if necessary.
2. Complete the Sewing Box Tutorial (Pages 3-7 to 3-23 in Photoshop textbook)
You don't necessarily need to use the tools the book asks you to--you have learned that there are many ways to make selections. A special note about this: The book will ask you to use the Quick Selection tool to select the thimble--if you are working on a PC, this tool is not part of Photoshop CS2. It was introduced in Photoshop CS3. Like with the Sampler assignments, write down which tools you used to select each item on the back of the printout. Make sure your name is on it. It is OK to work with a partner on this assignment.
3. Read Chapters 1 & 2 in Basics of Design and complete the worksheets that accompany the reading.
4. Turn in all work, as you complete it. See me if you have any questions.