Thursday, October 22, 2015

The BrandLab Internship Application Questions

When you apply for The BrandLab internship, you have to put all of your answers in at the same time. You can’t save and go back.  There are a lot of questions that require some thought, and a longer essay of 200-250 words. Click Here to access a Google Doc with the internship application questions. You can type your answers in the Google Doc before copying and pasting them into the final application. 

Go to FILE > Make a Copy, then you can type on this document.

Don't forget to also find an ACADEMIC and PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL reference to complete the reference form that you can access by clicking here. I would email the link to people.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Group Survey Starter -- Bikeways for Everyone

Here is a link for starting your own survey.
Go to FILE > Make a copy to begin editing your own.
Share with your group members so you all can edit.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

DIGITAL PHOTO: Projects for 10/2, 10/5 and 10/7

*Refer to the video "Lenticular How-To", located in the Expressive Lenses folder in Hand-Out.*
1. Set up a Photoshop document that is:
     Width: 14 inches
     Height: 8.5 inches
     Resolution:  300 dpi.
2. Place vertical guides at 1/2 inch intervals all across the document. Place horizontal guides at 1 inch and 7.5 inches.
3. Open the images you want to use in your lenticular.  Use the Crop tool to resize the pictures to:
     Width:  6.5 inches
     Height:  6.5 inches
     Resolution:  300 dpi
4. Place vertical guides at 1/2 inch intervals all across the pictures. 

5. Use the guides to help you make clean selections of your images to splice together inside the 14 x 8.5 document. Make sure View > Snap To > Guides is checked. See for the splicing method.
6. Select all your layers by holding the COMMAND key as you click on them. Go to Layer > Align > Top Edges.
7. Save your Photoshop Document.
8. Flatten your Photoshop document. Save it as a JPEG.
9. Put in Hand-In folder.

1.  Make a Photo Cube.  Download the "Cube Mask.psd" file located in the Expressive Lenses folder in Hand-Out, then check out this website to find out how to use the Cube Mask to create your Photo Cube:!/

2.  Make an animated .gif of photos.  See the video "GIF How-To" located in the Expressive Lenses folder in Hand-Out to get started.