Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is a Graphic Designer?
One of the most commonly known art technology careers is graphic designer. A Graphic designer works for a bunch of different businesses, organizations and people we call clients. Each client needs to communicate a certain message to certain people we call the target audience.

Graphic designers fulfill this need by creating print media like posters, logos, book covers and package design. But because technology is ever-changing so are the "things" the graphic designers are creating. Take, for example, the explosion of interactive media content being developed, such as video, games, and websites.

To learn more about graphic design, visit http://whatintheworld.aiga.org/

Art Technology is the tools people use to develop print and interactive media.
A variety of careers exist that utilize art technology in a variety of ways. Students completing this course will develop skills which will familiarize them with computer software and studio equipment used in the Arts, Communications and Information Systems career field. More information on art technology based careers can be found at: http://www.mnvu.org/careers/viewCareers?id=03