Friday, October 30, 2009


1. Illustration must be a minimum 8.5 x 11 inches/CMYK color.

2. Quote must be approved by teacher prior to beginning. Come up with three before presenting.

3. Your poster must be created by combining at least three fonts, representing at least two categories of typefaces (Serif, Sans Serif, Decorative, Script.)

4. Incorporate at least 2 of the following type adjustments into your overall design:
Leading, Kerning, Tracking, Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale.

5. You must use at least 2 of the following tools/techniques:
Area Type Tool / Type on a Path Tool / Vertical Type Tool / Adding Gradient to Text / Overlapping Objects / Creating a Drop Shadow via Copy & Paste in Back.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Search for a Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or other media tutorial online. (,, Google search Photoshop Tutorials, etc). Students should complete the tutorial, print a copy of it and turn it in.

Additionally, you must write a brief summary of:
(a) The steps involved,
(b) What you learned,
(c) How you would use the skill in another project.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here is your agenda for the day. Please note the sub has a required project when you finish your reading. I expect everyone to be working on this when I return.
1. Read chapters 10 & 11 in Basics of Design. Do the Mini quizzes provided.
2. Complete Chapter 2 Illustrator vocabulary and tutorials. Print tutorial with name on it when done.
3. Once you finish chapters 10 & 11 in Basics of Design and Chapter 2 Illustrator vocabulary and tutorials, staple them together and turn them into the basket.
4. The sub has a required assignment for when you finish. You will search for and complete a Photoshop or Illustrator tutorial, then do a short write up about it. Really try to find something you want to know more about and use this as a chance to get some hot skillz.
Here's your agenda for the day:
1. Finish and mat dingbat portrait, do write up and submit these with the rubric to the basket. More 2 sided tape is in the left hand cupboard by the PCs. If mat board runs out, just be ready to mat it when I get back.
2. Review in Stepstushare>Art Technology>Type Project> if you were absent yesterday.
3. Read chapters 10 & 11 in Basics of Design. Do the Mini quizzes provided.
4. Complete Chapter 2 Illustrator vocab and tutorials. Print tutorial with name on it when done.
5. If you finish the Basics and Illustrator assignments, do not hand them in. Save them in your binder.
6. Work on something for another class or see the sub for a different activity.
7. If you had arranged to make up the test today, you can do it during class tomorrow. Be ready.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Quiz on Friday, 10/23!
The quiz will consist of:
A. Multliple choice/matching items from your Photoshop/Illustrator vocabulary and lecture notes.
Photoshop Chapters: 3/Making Selections
4/Color Techniques
7/Working with Special Layer Functions

Illustrator Chapters: 3/Drawing and Composing an Illustration

B. Short answer/design activities from the Basics of Design textbook.
Ch 1: Before you begin to design
Ch 2: Emphasis
Ch 3: Contrast
Ch 4: Balance

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


1. Once you PLACE the portrait into your Illustrator document, make sure to put .25 inch guides around the outer portion of your project. Keeps you from having part of your portrait cut off when printing.

2. If you are having trouble identifying the main VALUE areas, select your picture and apply the CUTOUT FILTER to your picture. Problem solved.

3. You can hide the excess part of your image by applying a CLIPPING MASK to it. Learn more on pages 4-30 thru 4-35 of your Ai book

4. MAKE SURE TO LOCK THE TEMPLATE LAYER and start drawing on a different layer.

5. Keep each value on a separate layer.

6. Convert dingbats to outlines when sure you are done editing them. (Select items, go to TYPE>CREATE OUTLINES

7. Select a HUE for your MONOCHROMATIC color scheme.

8. Apply that HUE swatch to your dingbats.

9. Select all dingbats for any given shape, and the shape. Make sure the shape is the TOP OBJECT. (Object>Arrange>Bring to Front)

10. Apply the CLIPPING MASK. (Object>Clipping Mask>Make)

11. Adjust the VALUE of your shape by selecting the object and changing its TRANSPARENCY. (Window>Transparency)

12. Print your portrait when ready AND put a copy of the Illustrator file into the DROPBOX.

13. Do write-up in the SHARED Art Technology folder.

14. Mount the portrait on railroad board.


Monday, October 12, 2009


1. Take a picture of yourself using the Photo Booth application on the Macs.
2. Save the photo in your server folder.
3. Start a new Illustrator document. Letter sized, Portrait orientation.
4. Place guides .25" around the outside of your document, so you remember your print margins.
5. Go to File > Place. PLACE your photo file into the Illustrator document.
6. Experiment with the SCALE tool in Illustrator until your portrait fills the PICTURE PLANE of your document.
7. Make sure the photo is selected. Go to WINDOW > TRANSPARENCY. Dim your photo to about 50%
8. Name your layer with the picture in it TEMPLATE.
9. LOCK the TEMPLATE layer.
10. Start a new layer called PATHS or DRAWINGS or anything other than LAYER 2.
11. Print the dimmed portrait of yourself and try to split it into big SHAPES.
12. Identify at least 3 areas of VALUE in the SHAPES (lightest, darkest and at least one mid tone)-- creating a VALUE GUIDE to make your life easier when you begin working.
13. Use your VALUE GUIDE when you begin tracing shapes that outline important areas of your face.
14. When done, poke TEMPLATE layer in eye and just print your PATHS. Verify there are 4 clear areas of value.
15. If good, proceed to downloading dingbat fonts that represent you in some school appropriate manner.