Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween/Autumn Seasonal Fun: Pen tool practice + Skill review.

Time to have some fun with your art, explore something new and review some old tricks.

1. Open Pumpkinz.tif from the Art Technology folder on StepStuShare.
2. Reduce the resolution to 150 dpi right away--this file is 30 MB!
3. Trace the pumpkins with the pen tool--saving each on a separate path.
4. Change the appearance of the pumpkins via converting the paths to selections, creating fill layers and using blend modes/layer styles.
5. Add to the project by inserting relevant themed dingbats--or create a custom brush, or make selections and create fill layers, use auto shapes, etc.
6. Make it spooky using adjustment layers!
7. Experiment with custom patterns.
8. Print a copy for yourself and one for me--hand in to the basket. Attach a paragraph that explains how/which steps you executed from the list above. Happy Halloween!