Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friday, 10/10/08

Your priorities are as follows:
1. Finish and Print 5x5 Projects.
2. Mount 5x5 Projects. Make sure to check out xactos from the sub and return them. IMPORTANT: We may run out of railroad board. In the event this happens--skip to Step 4. (Do the writing assignment, then study for the test. You can mount 5x5s Monday.)
3. Make sure you pick up all paper and tape scraps, and put away all rulers, scissors, etc. or you will not be dismissed on time.
4. Once you finish and mount 5x5s, complete the writing assignment. I will only accept responses that are in paragraph format and typed on the computer.
5. If you finish the writing, attach that to your mounted designs, along with the rubric. See the sub's copy of the rubric if you are not sure what to attach. Place whole assignment in the basket next to the LCD projector.
6. Once you turn in the 5x5s, study for the test. (Chapters 1-3 in the black binders, plus the Elements and Principles Slideshow worksheet. See the sub's copy of the study guide if you are not sure what to study).
7. Teach yourself something on
8. Have a great weekend! I am. :)