Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday, October 28

1. Finish & Mount Jack + Jill
2. Do writing
3. Locate Rubric, attach to materials.
4. Be ready to critique the Jack + Jill project tomorrow. You will turn your J/J in tomorrow.
5. Make sure you have completed all Chapter 4 lessons and have the 4 JPEGS on the board turned in to the studrop folder in the stepstushare server. (Purple Rooster, Gradient Rooster, Aqua Firetruck and Target/Source Color Firetruck.)

If you have extra time: do one of the following projects:
Photo Cube 6 Theme Based Images = 1 Rockin objet d'art!
Your Choice: Six of Your Own Altered Photos
Your Favorite Song in Six School Appropriate Panels

Lenticular Image 2...2...2 Pictures in One!
Show the same object in two different states (My cat as a Muppet and as a Lion)
Show a pair of objects (Hall & Oates)
Show a set of opposites (Day & Night, Good & Evil, Man & Woman, etc.)