Monday, November 3, 2008

Modifications to Chapter 11 Lessons:

Lesson 1:
1. Page 11-6, step 5: The "horizontal skew text box" is the "H" in the top options bar.
2. Page 11-7, step 3: Skip it!
3. Page 11-7, step 5: Turn on the "Stamps" layer to see the effect of the clipping mask.

Lesson 2:
1. Page 11-10, "Create a Path"--use the regular pen instead of the magnetic pen.
2. Page 11-11, "Modify a Path"--Remember to use the Convert Point (^) and Direct Selection tools to modify your path.

Lesson 3:
No Changes

Lesson 4:
1. Page 11-18, Step 5: Just Inverse the selection you made in Step 4.
2. Page 11-18, Step 8: Skip it!
3. Page 11-19, Steps 4-6: Activate your STAMPS Path--Click the "Dotty Circle" in your paths panel--Get the Selection, apply stroke via Edit>Stroke. OR Activate STAMPS layer in Layers panel and just apply the stroke as a Layer style.