Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jack + Jill File Prep and Print

To Prepare Your Files:
1. Open Letter Sized Document.
2. Set to 150dpi/ CMYK/Landscape
3. Place X Coordinate Guides at: 0.25, 4.25 and 8.25 inches.
4. Place Y Coordinate Guides at: 0.25, 4.25, 6.75, 10.75 inches
5. Insert three of your designs in the squares. (File>Place>JJ1.tif)
6. Add an additional picture or dingbat image of your own in the extra space, if desired.
7. Merge your placed designs into one layer.
8. Poke layer in eye and repeat steps 1-7 for remaining designs.

To Print Your Files:
Activate the layer you wish to print. The layer you don't want to print gets poked in the eye.
2. Go to File>Page Setup. Change it from “Letter” to Legal. Make sure it is Landscape.
3. Go to File>Print with Preview. Click on “More Options” if necessary.
4. Set the Drop-Down menu to “Output” if it says “Color Management”
5. Check “Center Crop Marks” then hit “Done”.
6. Make sure there is legal size paper and the printer and print it out.

Art Technology
Jack + Jill Write-Up

20 Points

Answer the following questions, using complete sentences and paragraph structure.
1. Describe your interpretation of the Jack + Jill theme.
(Is it literal or abstract? What items represent the key elements of the story? Why?)

2. What techniques did you use from Composition Slideshow?
Discuss a minimum of three used in your designs, where they can be seen and why you chose them.

3. Name three techniques/tools you used and where they can be seen (Layer Styles, Adjustment Layers, Gradient/Custom Gradient, and/or Blend Modes. Be specific. (e.g.; I used a Stroke Layer Style, A Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer, The Multiply Blend Mode, etc.)