Monday, October 6, 2008

Priorities For Monday, October 6

1. Finish and turn in your Geometric/Organic Shape Compositions.
2. View the Personal Abstraction PowerPoint in the Shared Art Technology folder. Be sure you have the notes written in your notebook.

3. Complete list of 10 adjectives that describe who/what you are.
4. Select three of the adjectives to be the base of your Personal Abstraction/Symbol.
5. Complete the Elements and Principles Slideshow worksheet.
6. Sketch at least three thumbnails for your Personal Abstraction/Symbol. For each sketch, list at least one way you used what you learned from the slideshow to arrange your sketch.
7. Present your thumbnails to me.
8. Work on your Inspiration File 5x5 and your Personal Symbol/Abstraction 5x5.