Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Personal Symbol/Abstraction

Your symbol should represent three adjectives that describe you.
It should also include the following design elements:
  • At least three types of LINE (thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, broken, zigzag, tapered, curved, wavy, etc.)
  • At least three types of SHAPE (Geometric, Organic or a Combination)
  • At least three COLORS (Warm, Cool or a Combination. Think about the mood the colors can set.)
  • At least one TEXTURE (overlap line, shape, colors)
  • At least one type of BALANCE (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial)
You must show at least three thumbnails to receive approval for your final design.
Each thumbnail must also include a written explanation of how you used at least one fact from the Elements and Principles Slideshow to help you arrange your composition.

If you need practice with the Elements and Principles, check out this website: http://www.artsconnected.org/toolkit/