Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Type Nameplate File Prep and Print

To Prepare Your Files:
1. Make sure each of your letter panels is FLATTENED (Layer>Flatten Image) and saved as a JPEG or TIFF.
2. Create NEW Document: Width 11 inches, height 8.5 inches.
3. Set to 150dpi/CMYK Color
4. Place X Coordinate Guides at: 0.25, 5.25, 5.75 and 10.75 inches.
5. Place Y Coordinate Guides at: 1.75 and 6.75 inches
6. Insert two of your designs in the squares created by the guides. (File>Place>file.jpg)
7. Merge your placed designs into one layer.
8. Poke layer in eye and repeat steps 1-6 for remaining designs.

To Print Your Files:
1. When ready to print, turn on the layers one at a time. Change the following settings:
A. Activate the layer you wish to print. The layer you don't want to print gets poked in the eye.
B. File>Page Setup>Legal Size, Landscape Orientation.
C. When printing, make sure to put Legal size paper in the printer. Take it from the ream on the windowsill by the printer.