Monday, February 9, 2009


1. Finish Binder Pages assignment.
2. Review pages against assignment rubric; fix if they do not meet the criteria.
3. Do the writing portions of the assignment. Be sure to type and spell check your paragraphs. They do not pay me enough to read sloppy cursive!
4. Print extra copies of your Binder Pages, attach to your written portions and rubric and turn in to the basket.
5. You can do a variety of things when you finish, including:
A. Helping others with their assignment.
B. Studying for the Chapters 2-7 quiz (Quiz is on Wednesday, Feb 11!)
C. Client Projects--See me for assignment and details.
D. Learn something on
*Note on options C and D: Save all extra items you create in a folder on your server. Once completed, print and attach a brief summary of what was learned and how it was done and submit for extra credit. You must have all assignments turned in to qualify for extra credit.

6. This list of tasks is enough to keep every person in this room busy. In other words, everyone should be doing something, no one should be doing nothing!