Thursday, February 12, 2009

INDEPENDENT STUDY: List of everything we have done so far.

Review this list and make sure you have completed each item.
I am currently working up a reflection/critique thing so we can discuss all this and make me able to grade it. See me if you have any questions regarding these assignments.

Projects done by all:
1. Portfolio Pages
2. Advocacy Day Posters
3. CTE Week Flier

Group Projects:

1. Cookie/Candy: A.J., Jake, Kayla, Noah
2. Trivia Contest: Cody, Ashley,Will
3. Bakery Menu: Brittany, Melissa, Dylan, Jerry

Current Tasks:
1. STEP Radio logo/identity: Noah, Jake, Dylan, Melissa, Jerry, Will
2. Coffee/Fashion: A.J., Cody, Ashley, Brit, Kayla