Thursday, February 5, 2009

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Candy and Cookies n stuff OH MY!

OK--Here is the Lowdown on our tasks for today:

1. Team Bakery: Work as a team to put together at least two simple classy designs for the Prostart competition menu.

2. Team Trivia: During CTE week, there will be daily trivia questions that are attached to FABULOUS PRIZES. They of course relate to Career and Technical Education.
Come up with at least two designs to promote the trivia contest. This can be really obnoxious and over the top. Play with color and character. w00t!

3. Team Candy + Cookie Dough: Skills USA is selling Candy Grams Monday through Wednesday--Noah should have the deets. Various CTSO's will sell cookie dough throughout the week. Here is the breakdown:

COOKIE DOUGH FOR SALE!!!: Various student organizations will be selling cookie dough next week during CTE week. The cookie dough will be sold Monday through Friday in the first floor commons area. A box of cookie dough is $16.00; please have your cash or a check made out to STEP ready when purchasing the cookie dough. All the proceeds will go to help pay for students who go to nationals. The various organizations that will be selling the cookie dough are:
Monday: All CTSO's (FCCLA/HERO, HOSA, FFA, Skills USA)
Wednesday: HOSA
Thursday: FFA
Friday: Skills USA
This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the student organizations that are offered here at STEP.