Monday, February 2, 2009


The tutorials in Chapter 4 don't tell me a lot if you just show me the final one.
I have split your tasks into eight computer files. (Four files for Lesson 4-1 and four files for Lesson 4-2) You will save paper by printing each group of lessons on one sheet via the File>Automate>Contact Sheet II command. To do this, you must save each group of lessons in a separate file folder.

Here is the page number list of the lessons:
Lesson 4-1
Part A: 4-7 through 4-15
Part B: 4-16 through 4-19
Part C: 4-29
Part D: 4-30 through 4-31

Lesson 4-2
Part A: 4-22 through 4-23
Part B: 4-24 through 4-28
Part C: Use the Image>Adjustments>Match Color command to change the background green, just like on the rooster eye in Lesson 4-1, Part D.
Part D: Use the Image>Adjustments>Match Color command in a different way here. Create a layer that is half red, half green in your finished 4-2, Part C document. Go to the Match Color command. Your SOURCE is your Part C document. Make sure you have the red & green layer listed in your LAYER menu underneath the SOURCE menu. Crank the sliders til you have adjusted the color levels to your liking. Feel free to experiment with other color combos besides red/green here. Be sure to save this as PART D when you are finished.