Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Think U Better Call Tyrone...

...The Coolest Rooster Ever!

Tyrone is the best because he showed us the different navigational features in Photoshop.
Think he was great?
Wait until you meet Tammy the Tile tomorrow!
She's going to show us some pixel manipulation tricks!

Other things you need to keep in mind for tomorrow:
  • Tammy the Tile is a longer tutorial.
  • After Tammy, most people will be mounting their Black Square Problem.
  • If you are not ready to mount, the Black Squares should be done (unmounted) by the end of class tomorrow (Thursday 10/11) That is the DEADLINE--Get familiar with meeting it on time!
  • You will need to put in time before or after class to stay on track if you don't finish by the end of class tomorrow. We are moving on to the Positive/Negative Space problem Friday.