Monday, October 1, 2007

Achieve Your Goals!

A friendly reminder:
Make sure you are meeting your deadlines! Assignments are marked down 1/2 a letter grade for each day they are late! If you are not in the habit of taking this seriously, change your work pattern!

Many of you did not have all your assignments ready at the checkpoint today.
It is your responsibility to make sure things are completed on time. Refer to the last post if you are not sure what is in. Check your grades on A-H Connect or get a printout from me if you need one.

All five of your 5x5 creative designs are due at the end of class on Wednesday, October 3.
Be Ready! This assignment is worth 150 Points!
To recap, the five designs are:
  • Life and Death
  • Type Design
  • Sound Design
  • Independent Design 1
  • Independent Design 2

You can always make arrangements to come in before or after class if you are behind and need to get caught up. Another option is to check out supplies and work at home. Bottom line, you need to do what you need to do to meet deadlines!