Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Design Components Cheat Sheet

Everything You Want to Include in Your Writing Assignments!
Make sure to mention at least one topic from the Pink Sheet or Elements & Principles Slide Show and at least two Elements and Principles of Design in each of your write-up questions for the Positive and Negative Space Assignment! (2 questions for 2 pictures = a total of 4 paragraphs!!!!)
Design Components Include:
  • Stuff From The Pink Sheet! (Frame Reference, Overlapping & Cropping of Forms, Touching of Forms, Creating an Illusion of Space, Contrast of Elements in Terms of Size/Direction/Space/Position, and the Interaction of Positive and Negative Space.
  • The Elements and Principles Slide Show! Refer to your notes for these items.
  • The Elements of Design! (Line, Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Value, Space)
  • The Principles of Design! (Balance, Contrast, Rhythm, Pattern, Unity/Variety, Scale, Emphasis)