Monday, October 1, 2007

All Done w/Your 5x5 Designs?

One of my catch phrases is "Everybody should be doing something, nobody should be doing nothing." If you have finished your 5 X 5 Creative designs, do the assignments listed below.
Extra Credit Opportunities:
  • Print an art image from and write a paragraph that describes at leas three ways the artist has used information from the Elements and Principles/Composition Slide Show in their work.
  • Log on to, complete a tutorial of your choice and write a paragraph that describes the following:

a) what tutorial you completed and its web address (copy & paste into your paragraph)

b) why you chose that tutorial,

c) the steps involved in completing the tutorial,

d) the easiest part of the tutorial,

e)the hardest part of the tutorial,

f)an important technique you learned from the tutorial,

g)how you would use the information in the future.