Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday 10/12

Things to do for the sub:

  • Finish mounting your Black Square Problems. All are to be finished and mounted for a critique on Monday. Boards should measure 14.5x14.5 inches. Designs should be 5x5@150dpi.
  • Double-check your write-ups to see if there is a concept from your pink sheet (cropping, frame of reference, overlapping +/- space, etc.) and a concept from the Elements & Principles Slideshow. Type and mount your write-up for each concept on the back of your design board. (Like in the 5x5 Designs) Write-up sheets available if needed.
  • When finished, work on the "I am" or "Bullying" posters. Set your document to "Tabloid" preset size in Photoshop.
  • You other option is to go on or another tutorial site, and teach yourself something fabulous. Then print a copy of your finished result, and write a paragraph that sums up the steps of the tutorial and its website.

Everybody should be doing something, no one should be doing nothing :)