Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Daily "E"Genda--10/9/07

Old Dogs and New Tricks!

Throughout this next unit, we will also be completing Photoshop tutorials.
This is going to be solid review for some of you, for others it will build a solid foundation of skills.
Partner up with a rookie if you are a pro--it is always amazing to see something familiar through fresh eyes.
No matter what your skill level, look to this as an opportunity to create good habits and best practices...

...Speaking of best practices, NETWORKING with industry peers is one of them.
Hope to see you tomorrow night at the Photoshop Users Group, meeting at MCAD.
Carpool with classmates if you can't get a ride.
The meeting is going to center around the use of Smart Objects and Smart Filters, which can streamline your workflow and make your life as a designer much more efficient!

Our other big goal at the moment is working on the BLACK SQUARE PROBLEM...Digging deeper into the realm of abstraction, trying to communicate the words BOLD, CONGESTED, INCREASE and PLAYFUL through the arrangement of no more and no less than FOUR BLACK SQUARES. To get your thumbnails approved, you must have a write-up sheet completed that discusses why each design you wish to execute is an effective graphic image of the word, through referencing each of the following:
  • At least one of the design terms on the directions sheet (Frame Reference, Overlapping and Cropping of Forms, Touching of Forms, Creating an Illusion of Space, Contrast of Elements in Terms of Size, Direction, Space and Position, and Positive and Negative Space Relationships)
  • At least one concept from the Elements and Principles/Composition Slide Show.

(You must do this writing even if your thumbnails were approved yesterday.)