Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do Thursday, For Friday

This is what you need to do on Thursday to have a happy & successful Friday!
  • Get your Midterm Grade Sheet signed by a parent or guardian!
  • Study Chapters 1, 2, & 3 plus the Elements & Principles/Composition Slideshow notes!

We will have a little review time before the test tomorrow, then do the exam. After that we will have a break and work time for the two 5 x 5 Designs you develop on your own.

If you do not use one of the concepts from the Synonyms & Antonyms Drawing Exercise (done in class on Wednesday...8 Symbols/Abstractions), you must generate at least FOUR Synonyms and Antonyms for your concept while working on the thumbnails. This helps you think of ways to illustrate your concept...All designers do it all the time!

Make sure you are finishing your Type and Sound Designs, along with your Media Exploration assignment at home. They need to be ready to turn in BEFORE class on Monday. This means you have the weekend to finish up if necessary. (I'm so nice!)