Monday, September 17, 2007

Daily "E"Genda--9/17/07

5x5 Creative Designs: Assigned Concepts
You have three given concepts for the 5x5 Creative Designs assignment.
(More on the two you come up wih on your own later)
Your choice of Photoshop or Art Materials!
Must show 9 thumbnails to begin!

Concept 1: Life and Death
Part one (the left panel) must accurately represent any industrial object, animal, mineral or vegetable; part two (the right panel) must show its destruction or transformation.
You must create a brainstorm list of 15 life/death concepts and draw 9 thumbnails, then have your design approved before beginning your final piece.

Concept 2: Type Design
Use the font CLARENDON or BODONI to create a design that illustrates one of the four following themes:

* SCALE (Through size contrast)
(Use positive and Negative space to create interesting shapes w/ the font)
(Use the letters to make a zesty pattern)
(Visually communicate the word playful through use of color and the letters.)

Concept 3: Sound
Make a 5x5 design that illustrates one of the following sounds:
*Conversation Between an OVERBEARING FATHER and a Shy Daughter
*Conversation between a TUBA and a Flute