Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daily "E'Genda--9/10-9/12

Ok, so it's not technically daily since it covers three this time...Semantics!

We spent the last three sessions finishing and critiquing our Personality Collages and Name Designs.

For our Personality Collages, we placed cards with phrases like "Most Pleasing to Look At" or "I like the way the artist did________" next to them. Critiquers wrote their names on the backs of the cards. When sharing their collages, everyone had to say at least one way it described their personality and share a card someone left with the class. The person who wrote the comment was the next to go...Sneaky way of getting each other to learn names!

Students also worked in pairs to develop a Positive and a Delta comment for each Name Design. Deltas should never be phrased or interpreted negatively. Think of it as "open ended feedback"...Something to think about doing differently next time. Then everyone had to pick one Positive and one Delta to share with the class when presenting their Name Design and 3 Tools/1 Filter paragraph on the projector screen.

I will collect the Personality Collages, Name Designs and writing assignments tomorrow.
Make arrangements to be here before or after class if you need to catch up.

Start collecting items for your Inspiration File (To be introduced tomorrow)...Hence the name, this is a group of things that will serve to inspire you as a graphic designer.

We will also start thinking more in-depth about the Elements and Principles of Design. I will lecture on them and we will begin a Media Exploration Assignment that will assess our understanding of them. For those of you feeling a little computered out, you will be relieved to know we are using all kinds of art materials for this! :)