Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Daily "E"genda 9/5/07

Today we did the following activities:

Barsch Learning Style Inventory:
Are You a Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, Tactile or Combo?
Specific study strategies for each category coming tomorrow!

Building Tour:
Giving you the lowdown on what's what here at STEP.
(Health & Career Center, School Store, Attendance Desk, ATC Courtyard and Student Center)

What In The World Is Graphic Design? Website Worksheet:
My apologies to the AM class, we discovered in the PM class that the questions were TOTALLY out of order from the website format! Still good things to know, but will be laid out better for future students.

We will be starting our first art activities--Name Design (in Photoshop) and Personality Collage (using art materials) for your Portfolio. Be sure to bring in a pictures of yourself and friends/family/things near + dear to you! All materials welcome!
Don't forget to do your writing assignments (Worth 20% of your grade)

P.S. Parent/Student Agreement Form Due Friday 9/7--Art Fee Due Friday 9/14!