Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Period 5:  Photoshop:
You have a work day to finish your masking tools tutorials, then start on the Masking Tools assignment. The priority goes towards finishing and turning in the work from 9/20, then starting the work for 9/23.  Look at the for the date and title post for directions.  Click the links below:
9/20:  PHOTOSHOP:  Masking Tools Learning Targets  **If you LOST any of these files, I will give you credit if you write the learning target and steps to create on a piece of paper.
9/23:  PHOTOSHOP:  Masking Tools Assignment

Periods 6 + 7:  Digital Photography:
1.  Watch the DVD “Photography Videos”.
2.  Do the exit ticket the sub will give you.
3.  Work time for:
·      Units 2 + 3 reading
·      Self critique for the 360 photo project (pink paper)
·      Peer critique for the 360 photo project. (blue paper)
Many of you have not handed in this work, I only had about 1/3 of each group turn in those 3 assignments yesterday.  The sub has extra copies of all three.
4.  If you are done with everything, you can:
·      Work on something for another class.
·      Do silent reading.
·        Help others
·        Start Unit 4 reading.  yellow packets on tables on left side of the room.
·        Start iSpy photo assignment in blue packet.