Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Digital Media is the tools people use to develop print and interactive media. 
A variety of careers exist that utilize digital media in a variety of ways. Students completing this course will develop skills which will familiarize them with computer software and studio equipment used in the Arts, Communications and Information Systems career field.  Check that out here: More information on digital media based careers can be found at:

TIP:  Use Google drive to do this assignment so you don't lose it. Click on Students, then click on Student Email
You can also use the template I've shared here:

1.  Pick 2 careers in the Arts, Communications and Information Systems career field you can find at that you think you would be interested in.

2.  Give two reasons why you think each career is interesting.

3.  List the average wage for each occupation.

4.  List the type of education required for each career.

5.  List 3 colleges in Minnesota that offer degree programs for each career.  Make sure each kind of degree is a different one.  (3 different schools, with 3 different kinds of degree.)

6.  Take the Career Skills Assessment.

7.  Print the list the occupations that are suggested for you.  Are the ones you picked out in the list?

8.  Research two more careers on your list.

9.  Pick the career you are most interested out of the 4 you researched.

10.  Begin making your poster about that career.