Monday, January 10, 2011

Work on the following assignments, in order:

1. Finish and print lenticular image. Make sure to change your printer settings to U.S. Legal sized paper, landscape orientation. You will also have to feed the paper into the top tray of the printer when you are ready. Though done in partners, each person should print their own image for assembling on Wednesday. See January 10 blog post for details.

2. Do the write up for the lenticular image. See January 10 blog post for details.

3. Store printed images and write-ups in mailboxes after completion.

4. Read chapter 4 in Basics of Design textbook and complete the accompanying worksheet.

5. Do the Balance and Contrast Ad Analysis posted below. Drawing paper, markers, etc can be found on the center cupboards in the classroom,

6. Turn in the chapter 4 worksheet and Balance/Contrast Ad Analysis when completed.