Friday, January 21, 2011

Movie Poster Write-up
Answer the questions below. Use complete sentences in your responses.
1. How does your poster represent the genre you chose?
2. What does your poster tell the audience about the movie?
3. Describe the VISUAL HIERARCHY in your design. What is the point of emphasis? What are the secondary and tertiary accents? Refer to Chapter 2 in Basics of Design if needed.
4. What type of BALANCE is used in your poster? How can the viewer see that?
5. Name at least one CONTRAST technique you used. Refer to page 44 in Basics of Design for a list.
6. Describe how you used at least one tool from each category of tools on the back of your Movie Poster assignment sheet and where it can be seen.
7. Print a hard copy of your write up and turn in.
8. Save your bibliography as a separate word document. Submit electronically with your movie poster PDF.

To save your movie poster to PDF file:
1. Verify your layered Photoshop document is saved in its final state.
2. Go to Layer>Flatten Image.
4. Go to File>Save As
5. Name your file: lastname_movieposter
6. Select Photoshop PDF in the Format menu.
7. Hit Save.

To submit PDF file for printing:
1. Make a file folder with your name on it.
2. Place the PDF of your movie poster and your bibliography into the folder.
3. Access the StepStuDrop server through the shortcut in the dock. (If the shortcut is not in the dock, go to the Finder program. Select Go>Connect to server. Pick afp://stepstushare Login as yourself. Under the ‘select volumes to mount’ options, pick studrop.)
4. Open the STEP folder, then the Art Technology folder.
5. Drag your folder into the folder marked MOVIE POSTER PDFs and BIBLIOGRAPHIES.
6. I will print the files as they are submitted.