Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yearbook Layout Procedure

1. Identify cluster + course + page assignments.
2. Select photos from fall + spring terms for each course you are assigned—UNLESS the course is only offered one term. (Fish + Wildlife Management)
RULE of THUMB: If the course is not in the Fall photos, it was not offered then.)
Select desired page template—make sure that it is correct for LEFT or RIGHT.
Import into your library from Shared Art Tech folder.
3. Insert Photos into layouts. Be sure to include the Cluster Header photo. They are in the "course headers" folder on Stepstushare.
4. Type captions.
5. Save pages.
6. Print copies for proofreading.

1. Use AHJ Paddington font, size 24 for headers.
2. Use AHJ Eddie, size 11, for course descriptions.
3. Use AHJ Helvetica, size 10, for captions.
4. Avoid applying backgrounds or borders until we can pick some as a class.