Monday, April 28, 2008

Independent Study--STEP Icons & Mastocytosis Society

STEP Icons:
1. Print your icon roughs and place them in the holding area.
2. Look at everyone's roughs and place a Star and a No next to the most effective/least effective designs. Remember: Most/Least is based on what you think will work best when put with everyone else's designs as a unified whole.
3. Once you have looked at everyone's designs, do a mock-up of your most effective design with three different typefaces...Again what will be clear, easy to read, and be neutral to each design?
4. Do your mock-ups in 3 different color schemes. Keep it to under four colors per scheme.

Mastocyotsis Society:
1. Print your thumbnails and place them in the holding area.
2. Make sure your tote design includes the Split Rock Lighthouse as a key component.
3. TMS logo does not necessarily need the microscope.