Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday 2/6/08

AM Class (Art Technology): Students should finish their Name Design & Personality Collage and writing assignment if it is not done. #1 priority. Finish your Master & Tyrone tutorials if not done. Move on to the next assignment (Life & Death Problem) Begin working on the thumbnails for that.The sub can show you a book (Visual Literacy) with sample designs if ideas are needed. Show thumbnails to the sub and explain how your final choice illustrates the concept effectively. They can draw (drawing supplies located throughout the “center island” type thing in my room) or use Photoshop to make thumbnails. Do not start the final design. Once they have finished, students can go on to independently learn a Photoshop technique. Write a paragraph summarizing the tutorial you have completed, citing the website location and tutorial title.

If students were absent yesterday, extra copies of the Life/Death handout are on the table with the projector. It is the papers bound with a brad. They need a yellow copy and the white copy.
You should also read Chapter 1 of Design for the Digital artist (Black Binders on wall, worksheet should be on projector table w/Life & Death handout)

PM Class (Independent Study in Art): Students should continue to work on their Art Institutes International poster contest. Remind them the deadline is tomorrow, and to get a copy of their high school transcript if they are submitting their design. I don’t foresee anyone finishing today, but if they do, they can also do the thing. I am out of copies of contest criteria, but they can get those from