Thursday, February 14, 2008

Patty & Sally Art Creation Sensation!

Use the tools & techniques you learned in the "Patty & Sally" tutorial to create an art piece.
Refer back to the tutorial packet for refreshers on each item listed.

Your work must include the following techniques:
1. Use of at least three different Pencil and Brush settings for drawing.
Play with the Brushes palette (Window>Brushes) and explore all the variations.

2. Create at least one custom brush in addition to the three used in Step 1. (P142 in packet.)

3. Incorporate at least three shapes from the Shapes palette in your design.

4. Make at least one custom shape in addition to the three shapes in Step 3. (Draw a shape with the Pen Tool set to Fill mode, so the shape is filling with a color as you draw. When finished, go to Edit>Define Custom Shape. Name the shape and it will be at the bottom of your Custom Shape menu, the Amoeba shaped icon in your Shapes palette.

5. For other ideas on how to zest up your design, refer to the last 2 pages in the Patty/Sally packet.

6. Print and turn in.