Thursday, February 7, 2008

Independent Study Projects

1. Spirit Week Posters:
We need posters to advertise the upcoming Career and Technical Education Week at STEP.
Prizes Given Daily for "BEST" outfit in each category.

Monday 2/11: College Day—wear clothes from your favorite college

Tuesday 2/12: Pajama/Crazy Clothes Day—wear your favorite PJ’s, bathrobe or crazy clothes. Also 25 Cent Cookie Special at School Store. Preview of goodies available at STEP Bakery on 2/14.

Wednesday 2/13: Home High School Day—wear clothes from your favorite high school

Thursday 2/14: Dress Up Day—wear nice clothes. STEP Bakery open!

Friday 2/15: Career Day—wear clothes of your career choice. ATC EXPO in College Auditorium

Prizes Given Daily for "BEST" outfit in each category.

Our next assignment will be to develop a system of four icons and a certificate of completion for Camp Build My Future. Our TARGET AUDIENCE is 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. The icons should represent the four subjects taught at CBMF:
Welding, Automotive, Electronic Engineering and Drafting/Design
Theresa Vazquez is our contact at ATC for this. She will stop by next week.