Monday, February 25, 2008

Independent Study
Monday 2/25

Ms. Vazquez will be here at 1:00 to view your CBMF progress.
Here's how to prepare for her visit:

1. Mount ALL Camp Building My Future systems you have developed.
This includes: Icons, Certificate, T-shirt Mock-Up, and Slogan.
If you do not have a complete system, but have made progress towards one, somehow group what you do have in a professional manner.

2. CBMF Client Write-Up
(Mount to the back of your presentation board, or artistically on the front.) :
  • How does your design represent the 4 CBMF categories? (Welding, Auto, Electrical Engineering, Drafting/Design?)
  • Why will it appeal to the target market of 7-8 grade students, particularly girls?
  • What makes your design exciting and easy to reproduce?
Other Irons in the Fire:
1. You will also pitch your Independent or Client Based project proposal to me today. It was your homework this weekend, so I know you are all prepared...

2. Mrs. Karbowski will be coming to speak with us about developing a mascot for STEP tomorrow. Work on your independent project and think of concepts for this commission as well.