Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1. Choose a theme for an 11 x 17 full color poster.
2. Write or collect text/copy for your poster.
3. Explore ideas through the use of at least 3-4 thumbnail sketches.
4. Scan/photograph your best sketch and place in Ai file as a template.
5. Use Adobe Illustrator to create your poster.
6. There will be certain required tools, and it will also be required that you research some other skills and apply them to your project.
7. Project due at end of class on Wednesday, March 9.

Research choice/minimum of 2 techniques: All tutorials available in Illustrator textbook on the following page numbers.
A. Live Trace/Live Paint. (3-36 through 3-51)
B. Transform Tools: Rotate, Reflect, Shear. (4-4 through 4-11)
C. Offset/Compound Paths. (4-12 through 4-19)
D. Pathfinder. (4-20 through 4-29)
E. Clipping Mask. (4-30 through 4-35)
F. Custom Pattern. (6-8 through 6-19)
G. Brush Tool: Calligraphic or Art. (6-20 through 6-33)
H. Distortion Tools: Filters (7-4 through 7-9), Gradient Mesh (7-10 through 7-15), Envelopes (7-16 through 7-21), Blends (7-22 through 7-29).