Friday, May 7, 2010


Work on the following, in order:
1. Finish Dingbat Portrait, mat & do write up
If you are having trouble with CLIPPING MASKS, see pages 4-30 thru 4-35 in your Illustrator textbook.
If you are having trouble with COMPOUND PATHS, see pages 4-16 thru 4-19 in your Illustrator textbook.

2. Chapter 2 Illustrator assignment & vocabulary

3. If you finish:
*Make a Mother's day card for that special matriarch in your life;
*Make a Summer Fest flyer (Mr. Schink has the info, you can also check out the copies in the hall);
*Make whatever you would want to be making if I wasn't telling you what to make.
*Search for a Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or other media tutorial online. (,, Google search Photoshop Tutorials, etc). Students should complete the tutorial, print a copy of it and turn it in.

Additionally, you must write a brief summary of:
(a) The steps involved,
(b) What you learned,
(c) How you would use the skill in another project.